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More is better!

Mr. and Mrs. Mashi spent their lives travelling the world seeking out its great culinary wonders. Now back home, their encounters with exotic flavours and adventurous techniques lives on, distilled by Mr. Mashi into the perfect dish - a nostalgic blend of warmth and excitement mixed in perfect harmony.  


The Mashi no Mashi Tsukemen

Into a pure wagyu bone stock brewed over 24 hours, enriched by dashi into a flavourful broth, whole wheat noodles made precisely by hand are dipped for a soul-warming slurp. The distinct flavours of savoury umami stand out like a shining star in a dark night - the most pure expression of ramen noodle appreciation. As Mr. Mashi prepares his masterpiece of pure love for Mrs. Mashi his mind continues dreaming, searching for the perfect compliment to make his star shine even brighter.


The slow-cooked Ozaki beef, the pride of a single origin cattle farmer, is draped gracefully over the bed of noodles, as a blanket tucking them in for a deep slumber, makes Mrs. Mashi's eyes widen with delight. She sighs a breath of joy and satisfaction as the memories of their culinary adventures rush back to her. "Itadakimasu!" she exclaims, "Let's eat!"